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Issue 100 (July-Aug 2022)
Issue 100 (July-Aug 2022)
Item#: #100

Table of Contents of This Issue
  • The Annual Loire Valley Report- First Of the Frost-Shortened 2021 Vintage, Plenty of Notes on 2020s and a Slew of Older Vintages.
  • The Living History That Is Wine- Part Two: A Look Back On Some Of the Great French Winemakers Of the Recent Past Who Have Changed the World of Wine.
  • New Releases and Great Older Wines From the Beautiful Rhône Valley- Primarily 2020s, 2019s and Later-Released 2018s, With Some Fine Old Bottles Tossed In.
  • Trying To Keep Pace With Champagne- New Releases From Some of Champagne’s Greatest Producers and a Few Outstanding Non-Champagne Sparkling Wines.
  • The Lovely, Unheralded Wines From the Wilds of Roussillon and the Languedoc.